air conveying system

air conveying system

F&P is specialized in the engineering, manufacturing and servicing of air conveyors, which can offer the complete competitive solutions for customers.

Air conveyor for HDPE/PE bottles.

-Convey light, empty, unstable bottles at high speed.

-High flexibility with the connection between machines according to the customers’ requirements

-Cleaned guarantee for sensitive products. As: ultra clean conveyors, sterile conveyors etc.


High flexibility and multi-size bottles

-The air conveyors are designed to suit different body/neck size bottles.

-Special design for more difficult bottles.

-Flexible equipment can combine and divide the bottles according to customers’ needs, the lines are much more flexible and the investment is reduced.

Multiple filtration levels to purify the ambient air around bottles to meet the requirements for different products.

-Side covers to protect the contaminated bottle from outside air, 2 face covers and 3 face covers are possible to be applied on these types of conveyors.