Introduction to Ultrasonic Pre-washing Machine of Bottle and

Introduction to Ultrasonic Pre-washing Machine of Bottle and

In the beverage and beer industry, production enterprises have been plagued by the cleanup of recycled empty glass bottles and their plastic boxes as product users will not help the company to do any clean-up work after they consume the bottled drinks, which leads to the recycled empty bottles and their plastic boxes full of dirt. These bottles and bottle plastic boxes will not only cause product quality problems if they aren’t cleaned up before entering the production line, but also damage the equipment. If they are manually cleaned up, it will be unable to keep pace with the production speed, and the cleaning will be incomplete, so much time and labor is consumed.


The ultrasonic pre-washing machine of bottle and box produced by our company plays the role of pre-washing on the box glass bottle through ultrasonic cleaning function before RB bottle (or glass bottle such as beer bottle) and plastic box enter the main production processes. It can clear exotic dirt, sand, dust, insect, attached debris (cigarette butt, straw, etc.), dry and hard stains and mildews of the empty bottle and empty box in advance. The ultrasound can reduce the condensation force of stains though the stains are still attached on bottle and box after going through pre-washing machine; the stains can be washed out via the subsequent spray box washer. Ultrasonic pre-washing machine of bottle and box can reduce the load of the bottle washing machine and improve the bottle clean rate; there is no need to separately pre-soak or pre-wash the glass bottles, thus greatly improving the productivity and saving the time.


The main drive of this machine uses chain drive mechanism to drive bottle and box. Its structure is simple, stable and reliable, with few fault points. Incoming and outgoing pushing box adopts motor synchronous belt, with stable operation and small impact force. The components contacting with cleaning fluid are made of stainless steel (individual easily rusty parts have gone through anti-rust treatment) and engineering plastic. Water tank for the equipment is welded by stainless steel. Steel and engineering plastic are used at the contact face of rolling and friction, with low friction coefficient and noise. Mechanical action, water temperature regulation and water inlet and outlet pipes are controlled by PLC which is easy to operate, and has user-friendly interface. Hot water coming out from warm water tank is adopted for the water source during the production of bottle washing machine to supplement water for the equipment water tank through the water pump, so as to save the energy and protect the environment. The floating dirt generated in the water tank of this machine is pushed into and discharged out of the tank through the waves generated in the running of the main drive chain. The deposited dirt is regularly cleaned through the manhole.